Drabble Wednesday: A Touch of Dark Magic

Today’s Drabble Wednesday is a slight interlude, as I ruminate on where the time sheep storyline is headed. So enjoy three short tales of dark fantasy and magic…

Image by Alexandra ❤️A life without animals is not worth living❤️ from Pixabay

The Rose and Sword

To know your fate, take up the sword. Cut the rose and make it bleed.

Erik frowned at the inscription. Why did his mother send him here for such nonsense? Still, it is a nice sword sitting there. A shame not to take it. 

As Erik snatched the weapon, a flash of red caught his eye.

What would it hurt to try? 

He slashed the blade and a shower of crimson rose petals burst over him. In an instant of magic, Erik saw his glorious future.

Two years later, his mother threw a rose on his grave with a smile.

Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay


How long have I been walking? It seems like forever. I can’t remember anything but these dark woods or the crows in the trees. Their shadows flit along my path as they fly, but where are they going? Where am I going?

“I saw someone, Edmund, I’m sure of it.”

“The woods are haunted, Isabelle, no doubt you saw an unquiet spirit. Now come away.”

She moved towards her brother, glancing back to the trees. “He seemed so sad, so confused.”

For the first time in a thousand years, the Ranger looked beyond the woods…

Isabelle. Such a pretty name.

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay


I leave my home in the depths of night, my family’s shame echoing my footsteps. I am cast out, unforgiven for my offence. I have willfully sinned, but have no remorse. Blood stains my hands and I do not feel any regret for my deeds.

My family knows why; they do not care. They refused to care, refused to act. I did not. I did my duty; I avenged the wrong and upheld our honour. If they repudiate me for it, may the consequences be theirs.

They will not live the night. I made sure of that before I left.

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