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National Poetry Month Day 22: Cat’s Eye

A short haiku for you today. Cat’s Eye Steely-eyed focus,Gilded gaze, a swishing tailPouncing, into purrs

National Poetry Month – Day 29: Two Poems

Today you get two poems, because I cannot count how many days there are in April and ended up with 31 prompts. So, the two prompts are steely gaze and dearth of toilet paper. The poems forms are septolet and haiku. Steely Gaze Staringin… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month – Day 29: Two Poems”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 26: Journey

Today, for Day 26, I give you a haibun, an interesting mix of prose poetry and haiku. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay   Journey   A dusty road, down from the mountains, leaving the snow-capped peaks behind. Tired footsteps, echoing loss and regret. A… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 26: Journey”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 13: Silence

Just a quick haiku for Day 13. Image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay   Silence   Still water, morning the calm lake—serenity the loon calls to me       © A. F. Stewart 2019 All Rights Reserved  

Horror Haiku Pas de Deux

My second book of horror poetry is published! The ebook is now available on Amazon and Smashwords for pre-order with an official release date of October 1st. It will be up on other online retailers shortly, with the print version to follow soon.  Here’s… Continue Reading “Horror Haiku Pas de Deux”