The Obsidian Blade Series

I am sworn to Venice.
I protect her from the shadows underneath the world.
I am the Obsidian Blade.

Cristiano da Ravenna – 1482 AD

The Obsidian Blade Series

Masks and Shadows
The Valentine Plague
Spell of Glass
Emissary of Death

In Venice, power wields an Obsidian Blade

Masks and Shadows

The city of Venice is under threat from a shadowy supernatural creature, bent on anarchy. Can Cristiano da Ravenna figure out this villain’s identity and save the city before it is too late?

The Valentine Plague

A beautiful courtesan brings trouble and death to Venice, and Cristiano da Ravenna. But is she victim or villain?

Spell of Glass

Venice’s celebrated and protected glass industry is under siege by magic and its citizens are dying. Will Cristiano da Ravenna stop the sea witch before her revenge destroys the city?

Emissary of Death

Diplomats are being murdered by a ghostly killer. Can even Cristiano da Ravenna stop a phantom assassin?

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