What’s New In my World Of Books

It’s been a while since I did an update so I thought I’d do a quick post on what I’m working on bookwise and talk about a new book-related venture I just launched.

Project One: I’m writing a short story series (four tales at least) called Heyward and Andersen. It’s a steampunk paranormal detective series that is a slight Sherlockian parody. It will have humour, monsters, and secret societies, and hopefully be a fun read.

Project Two: I’m working on a nine story sequel to my collection, Visions and Nightmares. I’m calling it Fairy Tales and Nightmares, and as you might imagine from the title it has a fairy tale reworking theme, where I’m mixing in myth and my own spin on each story. And as with Visions and Nightmares, each tale will have a female protagonist. Some of the offerings include Snow White as a historic Japanese ghost story, Sleeping Beauty with vampires, Red Riding Hood with a Celtic goddess, and Bluebeard as a revenge tale.

Project Three: I’ll be back editing my horror novella, Shadows of the Dead. It didn’t evolve quite the way I planned (it took a bit of an erotic tone in places) but I like it. It’s a three POV story with a woman, a man, and a demon.

Project Four: In July, I hope to be back writing my 15th century Venice historical fantasy. I’m looking forward to diving back into assassins, magical creatures, political intrigue, and anarchy.

I may also publish a new poetry book this year, but that’s not certain. And you may be wondering why no mention of the remainder of the Camelot Immortals series. I’ve pushed back any editing and publication of those books to next year at the earliest. Book One didn’t launch well, and I’m rethinking the viability of the series.

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