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#OctoberFrights – Day 2: Horror Books

Today I’m spotlighting a few paranormal and horror books that may be of interest to readers. Some of these are already in my Kindle and the others are on the TBR list Beneath (Running From the Devil Book 1) by J.E. Taylor and Katie… Continue Reading “#OctoberFrights – Day 2: Horror Books”

Writing Updates

Sorry no Drabble Wednesday again. I know I’ve been very bad at being consistent lately, but it’s been a struggle writing lately and sometimes, like this week, I’ve been distracted by my busy schedule. I may have turned a corner writing wise, (see below)… Continue Reading “Writing Updates”

What’s New In my World Of Books

It’s been a while since I did an update so I thought I’d do a quick post on what I’m working on bookwise and talk about a new book-related venture I just launched. Project One: I’m writing a short story series (four tales at… Continue Reading “What’s New In my World Of Books”

#Audiblegate: Why Audible May Not Be The Best Place To Download Audiobooks

So, I’ve talked about #Audiblegate before (you can find the previous posts here and here) and its deceptive “exchange policy” that are actually returns in disguise, but here’s a quick recap. Audible is using its platform as an lending library instead of a selling… Continue Reading “#Audiblegate: Why Audible May Not Be The Best Place To Download Audiobooks”

Introducing the OWSCyCon

About this time of year, I’d usually be talking about the B2BCyCon, however… TheĀ Brain2Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo has, unfortunately, closed its doors. Due to personal issues, the B2BCyCon founder could not continue, but in the final hour, both author Timothy Bateson and… Continue Reading “Introducing the OWSCyCon”