Writing Updates

Sorry no Drabble Wednesday again. I know I’ve been very bad at being consistent lately, but it’s been a struggle writing lately and sometimes, like this week, I’ve been distracted by my busy schedule. I may have turned a corner writing wise, (see below) though, so maybe I’ll do better for the rest of the year. So today, instead of zombie penguins, I’m giving you some updates on what I’ve been doing.

I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, working on my historical fantasy set in 15th century Venice. The words and ideas are flowing nicely for this one and I slipped right back into the rhythm of this book. It felt good to be excited about writing again, instead of just slogging through to get anything written.

I have two sales going on this month.

Past Legends will be 99 cents for the month of July.

You think Camelot was all heroes and wizards? Bollocks. It was nothing but chaos and trouble. And when you’re a legendary immortal witch, that’s a lot of shit to sort out after a few centuries.

I’m having an audiobook sale for Ghosts of the Sea Moon.
Check it out on Chirp
And on Apple

I’m working on some short stories with my Heyward and Andersen series, my Norse gods tale, and my dark fairy tales retelling, but they been moving slowly, so with my historical fantasy flowing I’ll be focusing on that book.

I’m also carving out more reading time doing the summer Challenge over of Facebook in the Indie Fantasy Addicts group. So if you’re following me over on Goodreads or BookBub, you’ll be seeing more book reviews from me.

So that’s all for now, hopefully next week I’ll be back with penguins.

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