Drabble Wednesday: Holograms and Jams

Another trip to the land of Frankie and Joni today, with three more installments of the Virtual Zombie Apocalypse.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Back To The Crisis

As everyone crowded into the lift, I asked, “Wait, what about the cows?”

“They can come too.” Frankie replied. “ I’ve turned on the complex’s remote VR projectors.”

The door slid shut and when it opened we were back in the control room. We all piled out separating into our own spots. 

Frankie frowned. “He’s not here. I thought for sure he’d be here.” He went to the main console and pushed some buttons. “Drat! he locked us out.”

Dr. Quackenboss leaned over Frankie’s shoulder. “Any chance of hacking the thing, old bean?”

A hologram suddenly appeared.

“It’s the Ninja Bear!”

The Only Hope

The image of the pink suited bear crackled. “Help us, Frankie and Joni, you’re our only—” She turned to someone off screen, snarling, “I can’t say it. If these two are our only hope, then we’re doomed.”

An indistinct voice muttered something and she turned back, glaring. “Okay, you idiots are the ones available to help. The Thunder Penguin says you need to go to the L2 relay polarity junction and splice in something called a matrix jammer. Then he’ll take it from there.”

The hologram fritzed and disappeared, as Frankie exclaimed, “Of course! That makes perfect sense.”

“It does?”

Jamming the Matrix

“Of course it does. That will disrupt the entire interior stabilization and trip the isolation circuit.

That last part I understood. “Oh. You’re cutting off his access to the outside VR network.”

“Exactly, come on! I need your help.” He rushed over to a cabinet and pulled out a silver doohickey. “Everyone else can stay here. Dr Quackenboss is in charge.” He turned to the cow. “Moo if Le Pingouin Noir shows up.”

The cow nodded and Frankie and I took off down a side corridor.

Two minutes later we plugged in the jammer.

Then a maniacal laugh rang out.

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