Why Drabble Wednesday Has Been Gone

So, for the last couple of weeks, I haven’t posted any Drabble Wednesdays, and that is because of a few things. First, my birthday, and preparing for the AWC (AuthorTube Writing Conference), but mostly I’ve been dealing with the copyright claim against the cover of my short story book, The Ghostly Tower. Amazon removed the book and informed me claims had been made stating I didn’t have the rights to the images. I created the cover from three stock photos, licensed through Adobe (a fact Adobe verified), but Amazon did not accept this as proof of rights.

So the end result is Amazon did not restore the book and it is no longer available through Amazon. You can buy it on all other retailers and through the Overdrive library system. I will also be offering the book via direct sale soon.

The Ghostly Tower


My advice to indie authors after this, if you experience this, and you have a contract with a cover artist, send them the contract. They may accept it, they may not. If not, change the cover IMMEDIATELY, even if it’s a plain background with text. If you do your own covers, don’t bother trying to prove your rights, just change the cover.

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    1. The series will be continuing, although publishing may be delayed. Unfortunately, this means the box set may also be banned from Amazon, but it will all be available through direct sale.

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