Drabble Wednesday: Shining Forest Wars

I’m starting a new fantasy drabble series today, called the Shining Forest Wars. Enjoy.

Photo by veeterzy on Pexels.com

First Sign

Sniffing the damp ground, Renard the Squirrel knew the time had come. Every night, the visions plagued him, disturbing his sleep. Burning trees, screams of the dying, corpses of the forest denizens scattered across charred ground as hordes of rats invaded the Shining Forest. With the scent of rat now in his nose, he knew that future was near.
Renard tightened his grip on the Staff of Light. He must prevent the forest’s destruction. He had to find Hooty the Owl. Only he could lead the forces that would save them all.
And he knew just where to start looking.

The Ranger

Renard had been tracking her for three days, along the borders between the Shining Forest and the Badlands. He knew she was aware of his presence; Henrietta the Hen was too good of a ranger and a wizard not to have noticed. For some reason, she avoided his presence.
With a sigh, Renard forced the issue. Slamming down the end of his staff, he lit the edge of the forest in brilliant light and commanded, “By the Covenant, I demand an audience!”
The bushes rustled, and Henrietta waddled out. “What do you want?”
“Where have you hidden Hooty the Owl?”

The Mentor

Obidiah Mouse leaned against the tree, watching the clear sky. His armour hadn’t seemed as heavy in his youth, nor his shield and spear so hard to wield. Yet, he had his duty, and he would not fail his charge. Yes, there he was, circling.
Stupid fool. How many times must I warn you? Don’t telegraph your attack.
Obidiah dropped into a crouch on the tree’s right side as the bird swooped down to strike. He jumped, lashing out with his shield, slamming his opponent into the tree and pressing the spear tip at his throat.
“Not good enough, Hooty.”

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