Drabble Wednesday: The New Programs

This week I give you more Frankie and Joni as they create the holo-programs dreamed up by corporate.

Photo by Alena Darmel on Pexels.com

It’s All Greek To Me

“Is that a toga? It looks like a toga.” I frowned at Frankie. This new program was driving me batty.
“Nah, it’s a chiton. Doesn’t seem to be much difference, though. But you need to be accurate, or the history geeks will notice.”
I shuddered remembering the French Revolution disaster.
“If it’s right, we’re good. How many gods did we add?”
“Hera and creepy Zeus as the main couple.” Frankie sighed. “I don’t like him. Plus Hermes as the gossip, Apollo as the self-absorbed son and Artemis as the wild child. And Pandora, but she got stuck in her box.”

Game of Kings

“What are the names of these two main families again? There are so many factions I can’t keep track.”
“Um,” Frankie glanced down at his tablet. “Lark and Banister.”
“And why are they at war?”
“Some sort of North and South fighting over kingdoms. Not that it matters. No one cares about the politics.”
“True. All the visitors will want is the swordplay. And the dragons. Speaking of which, did you get the glitch fixed?”
“I got the fire breathing working so they’re not spouting water anymore. But they’re still flying upside down, and they still have purple polka dots.”

Star Lord of the Gauntlet

“How did the dragons get in the spaceship! They aren’t supposed to be in this program!”
“Oops. Pushed the wrong button. Sorry.” Frankie fiddled with his tablet and the roaring beast disappeared. “This is what I wanted to show you.”
The holo-vid of a shiny starship bridge materialized. “Looks good. What’s the problem?”
“It’s the characters.” Frankie clicked a button. “The Captain and his two Space Rangers are fine, but the Space Wizard…”
I stared. “Why is there a burly Viking holding a hammer, instead of a Space Wizard?”
Frankie shrugged. “Don’t know, but he says his name is Thor.”

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