Please Don’t Buy My Book, Chronicles of the Undead, on Amazon

And I say, don’t buy my book on Amazon, because I’m offering it free everywhere else.  Amazon is the only retailer where you’ll need to pay to get a copy.

Chronicles Cover

And frankly, that isn’t fair to people who want to read it, so that’s why I’m telling you not to buy it on Amazon while I try and figure out how to get them to price match the book. You see, I recently relaunched this book with a new cover, and a few updated tweaks through Draft2Digital. Now I used their Amazon channel, since the original book had never been in KDP and I didn’t want to bother with two separate uploads for a free offering. Apparently Amazon doesn’t like that when it comes to asking them to price match.

Here’s how it went:

I uploaded the book to D2D. I got the expected message that the free book would be listed on Amazon at .99 cents and I would have to have Amazon price match to get them to list for free. I took that to mean I would have to contact Amazon to ask them to price match (perhaps I was wrong, I don’t know). So I contacted Amazon.

This is what I was told: “If your book is published through Draft2Digital, a 3rd party, you will need to contact them regarding any maintenance including a price match. We can only provide support for titles published through Kindle Direct Publishing.”

I have contacted Draft2Digital to see what is going on, but frankly I don’t hold out hope they can get it straightened out on Amazon. From what I saw, they only want to price match KDP and my guess is I won’t be able to list it there for free through D2D. If that is the case, I may leave as is, withdraw it from the D2D Amazon channel and republish through KDP, or withdraw it from Amazon altogether. I don’t know yet.

But don’t despair!

You can still get a free Kindle Copy!

Because you can download a free copy on


And for those who want it on epub, go here:


CotU Promo

But remember, don’t buy the book on Amazon, get it free!


6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Buy My Book, Chronicles of the Undead, on Amazon

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  1. I just found my email from April. The price still hadn’t been changed. So I sent Kindle another email with the details Draft to Digital sent them …Never mind. I’ll be putting it up on LULU soon. D2D can only do so much.

    Good luck

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      1. I finally got a decent reply from Kindle…The first one ever where they put something in plain english and don’t mess you around. Here you go …


        I’ve checked and see that your book “A Treasure Chest of Children’s Stories” was published through a different channel outside of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

        Please be informed that we do price match only for the books that are published through KDP.

        We’re unable to provide information or take action regarding your book. You can contact your publisher directly for assistance.

        Thank you contacting Amazon KDP.

        NOW WE KNOW

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  2. Reblogged this on Plaisted Publishing House and commented:
    This happened to me and I ended up making a request via D2D and gave them the APPLE links to send to Amazon. They said they did and months later…I still found a price on my book. So I tried again…which reminds me I should go check to see if it is FREE. Needless to say. You can do ebooks to Amazon for FREE Via LULU…though you must untick the Amazon box on D2D…

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    1. Their whole policy is ridiculous if you ask me. And as far as I’m concerned I’m offering the book free. If Amazon doesn’t want to get on board that’s their choice. I’ll just remove them from my promotion plans for the book.

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