Saga of the Outer Islands Character Snippets

boat and sk

One-Eyed Anders

A broken heart is a funny thing. It can close you off to those around you or it can set you free. For me, it started me on my life’s adventure, but I’ll always remember her. Her pale blue skin, her curling horns… oh, didn’t I mention the lass was a Spire Dragon?

Elliot Blackthorne

I’m sorry, Miles. I’m sorry I didn’t love you enough to give you a reason to stay in the Navy. I’m sorry I never left then, with you. I wish I had, that I needed you that much. Perhaps you wouldn’t have killed yourself.

I wonder if they care you’re dead, the Navy. They cared little for you when you were alive, putting aristocracy above truth. They made it clear enough they valued noble officers with paid commissions above officers from the enlisted ranks. Why did I stay after your demotion and resignation? Why did I wait until you killed yourself to leave?


The sea is the only place I’ve felt safe, yet she wants me to stay. I can’t do it, Gran, not even for you. I only came back for his funeral, to make sure the rotter was dead.

I’m glad you’re dead, Da, and I’m rid of you. You terrfied me. Still do. Whenever the mood struck you I got a beating. What kind of father does that? I still have nightmares. You threatened to sell me to pirate slavers when I said I’d tell about you breaking my arm. The world is better off without you.

No, Gran, I’ll not stay. Best thing I did was running off to sea at fourteen. I’ll be heading back out on the Sapphire Isle in three days…

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