Dark Fantasy Drabble Wednesday

We take a break from Frankie and Joni and the adventures of Fluffernutter for a little Halloween season fun with three dark drabbles. But fear not, Frankie and Joni will return.

The River

Once, in the forest of time, our people followed the Great River. We camped on its banks, fished in its waters, hunted game on the surrounding plains, or in the shadows of its woodland. We lived in peace. We were content.
Then came the time of no rains. When the grass dried and the trees died. When the people of the Far City stole our river, and we went to war.
A war we lost.
Our surviving people scattered, migrating to the distant corners of the kingdom. All that remains of us, of the river, is dry dust and ghosts.

The Enemy

Gather round, children, as I tell of the horrors that lie beyond our home.
Once we were alone in this land. We had no restrictions, we roamed freely. We made homes where we pleased, not simply here in the mountains. We did not hide.
Until they came. Until they drove us from the land with their weapons, their war.
Once we flew in the skies unfettered. Now we are hunted, our wings torn, our bodies maimed. We are killed. Our enemies are monsters.
Remember this, children. Never approach the humans. Always avoid them, their villages. Dragonkind must be ever vigilant.

Time and Tide

The wide, unfathomable sea. It calls to sailors, and buries their bones in its cold, murky embrace. Great ocean storms swallow ships whole, yet sometimes it gives back. Bits and bodies carried to the shores and beaches. But sometimes it keeps what it claims.
And sometimes who it claims doesn’t quite die.
Submerged in the depths, the spirits wait. Their whispers ride the waves. Their anger fuels the storms. They howl under moonlight and exist in perpetuity, as hours pass into days, and days into decades. And immortality breeds patience.
Our time will come.
We will rise.
Fear the day.

Drabble Wednesday: The Saga Of Fluffernutter

I’ve been neglecting Drabble Wednesday again, with my book launch and the upcoming October Frights Blog Hop on my other blog but here’s another installment only slight late.

Fluffy vs. Fluffernutter

“Why is there a fluffy rat on a wheeled cheese board in the VR room?” I glared at Frankie from the doorway.
“He’s not a rat, he’s a guinea pig. And it’s a dolly, not a cheeseboard.” Frankie rolled his eyes at me.
“I don’t care what they’re called!” I threw up my hands. “Why are they here?”
Frankie shrugged. “Fluffernutter needed a friend.”
I glanced back. “The way that cat’s looking at the rat thing, he thinks it’s dinner.”
The rodent stared at me with big eyes and a squeak that clearly said, “Help me.”
I sighed. Stupid cat.

Not For Dinner

“Frankie! Get that cat out of here!” My shout echoed throughout the VR room as I glared down at the howling cat trying to climb the wall. I was perched on a precarious rigging, clutching a terrified guinea pig. Scratches on his nose and my hand told of our narrow escape.
Frankie rushed in, exclaiming, “What did you do to upset Fluffernutter?” He scooped the cat in his arms. Fluffernutter hissed at him.
“He tried to eat Fluffy!” I petted the trembling creature.
“He wouldn’t!”
“He did! Take that cat out of here!”
Frankie glared, but left with the cat.

Fluffy’s Revenge

“Where’s Fluffernutter?” Frankie poked me. “What did you do to him?”
“What? Nothing. I thankfully haven’t seen that cat all day.” Then I noticed the empty box. “Where’s Fluffy?” I glared at Frankie. “If that cat’s done…” A howl interrupted us and we raced to see what was going on.
In the corner past the VR room, near an open panel, lay Fluffernutter. He was alive, but half the fur was singed off his body. Fluffy sat a foot away, unharmed.
Frankie wailed, “Oh, my poor Fluffernutter!”
I eyed Fluffy, who calmly licked a tiny paw, and I swear, smiled.

Drabble Wednesday: Toys, Pets and Pie

Drabble Wednesday disappeared last week due to getting the new book out, but it is back with three new shorts. Enjoy.

Frankie Does Shakespeare

“Zounds! Forsooth! Is that a pie I see before me, wondrous topped with whipped cream and the reddest of cherries.”
“Huh?” I stared at Frankie, who entered the lunch room wearing tights and a weird shirt. “If you’re talking about dessert, then yes, it’s a pie.”
“Oh, marvels. My kingdom for a slice!”
“Help yourself.” Then it dawns. “Practicing for the virtual Shakespeare Festival, I take it?”
He eagerly cuts a slice of pie and pops a forkful in his mouth, before spitting it out. “Oh, that’s plum. I hate plum.”
I smiled. “Methinks you doth protest, too much.”

The Toy Conundrum

“They decapitated the monkey!”
Startled out of my nap by Frankie’s voice, I screamed, “What! Where? Are the flying monkeys back?”
“No.” Frankie pouted. “I’m talking about my stuffed toy display.”
“Um, okay.” A vague recollection tickled my brain. “Your toys are damaged? Maybe it was a glitch.”
“I’m not talking about VR! The vintage toy display was a real world addition. And the monkey’s been decapitated. They committed sabotage!”
Confused, I asked, “They? They who?”
“I don’t know. Just they.”
I rubbed my temples. “Okay, show me.”
Frankie led the way. As we entered the VR room, something howled…

Fluffernutter the Disgruntled Cat

“What the heck was that?” Frankie grabbed my arm as the VR room reverberated with the echo. Something shadowy streaked across the floor to our left. I shrieked and grabbed the nearest thing to use as a weapon.
“Come out, whatever you are!” I brandished a vortex clamp.
Something hissed, and then, “Meeeoooowww.”
“A cat?” I lowered the clamp.
“It’s Fluffernutter! Fluffernutter has returned at last!” Frankie raced forward and scooped a fluffy scrap of angry into his arms. The cat hissed again and tried to bite him.
“Fluffernutter? What the heck is a fluffernutter?”
The cat glared at me.

Book News!

Past Legends is Now Available For Pre-Order!
Launches October 28th!

Past Legends

An immortal witch of Camelot. A looming magical crisis. A destiny she’s willing to reject.

All Nimue wants is a peaceful life, but her past won’t leave her alone. And when her friend Iseult brings news that her old rival Morgawse has been abducted, an impending catastrophe lands on her doorstep. And worse, the wizard responsible is Nimue’s ex, Nostradamus.

Dragged into another adventure, Nimue confronts her former flame as he wages a desperate quest, only to be thrust deeper into an escalating crisis. As Nimue struggles to unravel what is happening, she discovers dark secrets that threaten the heart of magical energy. Now it’s her fate to rescue magic for every witch and wizard, including her friends. Trouble is, she wants no part of being magic’s saviour.

Will Nimue step up as a champion? Or will she let the magical world die?

Past Legends: The Camelot Immortals Book One, is a contemporary Arthurian fantasy inspired by the tales we all know and love. If you like strong snarky heroines, wizards and witches, and copious amounts of alcohol, then you’ll love the adventures of Nimue and her friends.

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Drabble Wednesday: Invasion?

The conclusion to the weird and wonderful Zombie Cows saga.

The Rise of the King

I saw the wings first: red, bat-like. They unfurled to reveal…
“A monkey?” Frankie’s voice disrupted the tension. “Wearing a crown?”
The creature crept forward on all fours before rising on two legs to its full height. I shivered. Memory fragments flashed in my head. Of being chased, of running and screaming.
“I know you! One of those interdimensional flying monkeys!”
A deep-throated laugh rumbled from the creature. “I am not simply one of those flying monkeys, I am their king. And you have set me free.”
“Um, oops?” Frankie’s voice shook.
“Oops, indeed. For I will kill you now.”

Showdown: Part 1

I screamed, not so much from fear (although I was afraid) as out of frustration. The sound spooked the cows and they stampeded between us and the monkey guy.
I grabbed Frankie’s arm and hissed, “Run.”
I heard the flap of wings and looked up. The monkey king creature chased us.
I made a beeline for a certain service alcove. I stashed something there after we saved the system from Doctor Quackenboss. I just managed to open the right panel when the monkey caught up with us.
He landed, folding his wings against his back. He smiled, showing his fangs.

Showdown: Part 2

We all stared at each other. The monkey seemed amused.
“I’m tired of this crap. Frankie, did you disable Doctor Quackenboss’ Omega Protocol yet?”
“No, it’s still running. You told me to leave to last.” He glared.
I smiled. “Good.”
Frankie looked confused, but the monkey guy laughed.
“Whatever that might be, your puny efforts cannot stop me.”
I snatched the latest Mark VII pulse rifle from its hiding place, aimed, and pulled the trigger. The monkey’s insides disintegrated.
“I’d say our efforts work great without the virtual space safety measures.”
The monkey said nothing, him being dead and all.