National Poetry Month Day 19: Blank Stare, Blank Mind

The prompt I had for today was for blank stare. I’m not sure why this poem came out of that, but here it is, enjoy.

Image by Syaibatul Hamdi from Pixabay

Blank Stare, Blank Mind

Words elicit
vacant reaction, bare response
Words elicit
a foolish mob mentality
behaviour extremes, density
of thought, never heeding what will
Words elicit

National Poetry Month Day 18: Parasite

Here’s today’s poem.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


A looming worm of a presence
Reflected reasoning to darkly justify
their self-centered need to control
Their words burrowing under your skin

Reflected reasoning to darkly justify
insidious behavior designed
to misuse and manipulate

Their self-centered need to control
excavates through your joy,
burying you under the need to please

Their words burrowing under your skin,
undermining fragile self-esteem
Breaking you one piece at a time.

National Poetry Month Day 17: Abandoned In The Undertow

Going a bit dark and thoughtful today.

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Abandoned in the Undertow

Standing on the shore’s abyss
A smile, a nod, a final kiss
Swept into the ebb and flow,
abandoned in the undertow

Drifting within a dark damnation
Buoyant against grinding causation
Below the light sweet and slow,
abandoned in the undertow

Swallowed eternal by the deep
Dancing amid perpetual sleep
Tide and time will never bestow
abandoned in the undertow

National Poetry Month Day 16: Snowbirds

Just a short poem today.

Image by john Ioannidis from Pixabay


Fly away south
Far from the icy frost
A few moments in the sun
Before coming home

National Poetry Month Day 15: Traditions

Apparently I’m in a controversy mood this month with another thought-provoking poem.


Don’t change our ways
We need our traditions
Respect our forbearers
While the hanging rope swings from the tree

We have the right to bear arms
We have the right to be heard
We must preserve our history
While the hanging rope swings from the tree

That’s how it was always done
I don’t see the harm in it
Things don’t have to change
While the hanging rope swings from the tree