Eternal Myths Now Available!

So the short story series teaser for The Camelot Immortals has been released. Here is your look at Eternal Myths. Also, if you are already subscribed to my newsletter, you will be receiving a free copy today, June 5th.

Want to know a secret?
Camelot existed, but it never died.

Nimue, Merlin’s ex-everything, is just an immortal witch trying to get by in this modern world. Too bad the past won’t stay where it belongs. Buried.

For the first time, read both of the Camelot Immortals short stories Legendary Debts and Grail Days in one book.
Legendary Debts: Merlin’s back and up to his old tricks. But Nimue is in his way and after revenge. It’s a witch vs. wizard showdown for the fate of a new Camelot.
Grail Days: The Grail has vanished and Nimue is pulled into a magical free-for-all to reclaim the powerful relic. Will she find it in time?

Magic is forever… and invariably brings trouble.
And no matter what she does, trouble always finds Nimue.

If you like strong snarky heroines, magic, and crazy adventure, then you’ll love these tales of Nimue and her friends.

Eternal Myths Cover Teaser

The two Camelot Immortals short stories, Legendary Debts and Grail Days are coming soon (I’m uploading to retailers on Wednesday and they roll out after that) republished under the title, Eternal Myths. Here’s a cover teaser to whet your appetite until the release date.

What’s been happening

I know things have been topsy-turvy and all our routines has been out of whack, but I’m here finally with a quick update on stuff. And apologies to my followers not in my Facebook reader group or subscribed to my newsletter (the two places where I actually remember to post updates) for the lack of posting. Yes, I know I suck at updating the news here on the website.

But that is one of the reasons I’m posting this as I plan on changing that lack of website presence. Im hoping to start regular features here, similar to what I did on my sadly short lived Patreon. Coming in June (hopefully) I’ll be doing Drabble Wednesday and writing my series of 100 word stories (begun on my other blog, and continued for a while on Patreon) each week. I’ll start by reposting the existing stuff and then going on from there with new content. I’ll also be moving many of my flash fiction stories from other sites and reposting here for a Flash Fiction Friday, plus I’ll be adding new stuff in a couple of paranormal series I want to write.

And in other news, I’ve been busy with editing and writing my new series, the Camelot Immortals and should have the two short stories ready for republishing under the title, Eternal Myths, in June. I will be doing a cover tease soon. I’ve also been doing a series of book chats with other authors over on my Facebook page.

So stick with the site for all the changes coming in June and the announcements of the upcoming release.

National Poetry Month – Day 30: Strong Tea

Here we are, on the last day of April and the last poem for this year’s National Poetry Month. I hope you enjoyed the poems. Today’s prompt was, a nice strong cup of tea, and I went with free verse today. So pull up a chair and have a cup with me.

Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay 

Strong Tea

The kettle on the stove,
wafting wisps of steam in the air
The tea bags waiting
for the water

Memories are made of this

Steeping tea for company
in the fancy little pot
A nice strong cup of bliss
and conversation

Memories are made of this

© A. F. Stewart 2020 All Rights Reserved

National Poetry Month – Day 29: Two Poems

Today you get two poems, because I cannot count how many days there are in April and ended up with 31 prompts. So, the two prompts are steely gaze and dearth of toilet paper. The poems forms are septolet and haiku.

Steely Gaze

in disapproval
judgement with no words

under cold eyes
while knowing

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

Dearth of Toilet Paper

empty shelves—hopeless
despair echoing the flush
the leaves are calling

© A. F. Stewart 2020 All Rights Reserved