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A demon of Hell, who works as a bounty hunter retrieving escaped souls and running errands, such as corrupting innocents, for his Boss. He’s been alive countless centuries (but refuses to divulge his age) and has travelled extensively. His most notable ports of call have been the Caribbean and London, England. London is where he currently resides. He’s worked as a medieval assassin, lurked on the fringes of the Royal Court of Spain during the Inquisition, and sailed the seas as a pirate.
He was raised by his demon father, one of many siblings. During a now infamous family feud, he killed several of his brothers and sisters, his father slaughtering the rest. He then killed his father, and now lives happily without family.
He is vain about his appearance, being tall and svelte, with dark eyes and straight dark hair, often dressing in black clothes for a sinister look. He is fond of quality literature, rare steak, whiskey, and fine wine. He thinks mercy is an overrated virtue, and his hobbies are killing, maiming, and incinerating humans with Hellfire. The only thing he is afraid of is his “Boss” and does his bidding without question.

He also hates cats, and cat memes.



Balthazar appears human, but is, in reality, is a centuries old demon of Hell. He possesses the ability to cast and control Hellfire (often physically manifested as burning eyes and fireballs conjured from his hands). He is capable of working dark magic, but is also vulnerable to its effects, especially the spell called Demon’s Bane. (This spell can weaken any demon and cause them considerable pain, but it is difficult to create.) Magic cannot kill him—only another demon can do that—but it can incapacitate him or send him back to Hell. He can also track any being by scent or Hell Marker, or absorb a dead person’s memories by ingesting their blood.


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