Heyward and Anderson

Unfortunately, Amazon has removed the first book, The Ghostly Tower, from its site due to a complaint regarding the cover and my image rights (which I did license). The book is still available on all other retailers and is available for direct sale. The rest of the series should be available on Amazon, but it is unlikely that the box set will be allowed on Amazon due to this ban.

The Series:

The Ghostly Tower
Shadow in Scarlet
The Headless Corpse
Rivalry and Steam Monsters
Adventure at Reichenbach

Welcome to a Victorian England that never was, a reimagined world of airships, mysteries, and monsters. Meet Heyward and Andersen, a mismatched pair of occult investigators in a supernatural world of adventure.

The Ghostly Tower: A Heyward and Andersen Mystery
(Heyward and Andersen, Consulting Detectives Book 1)

Meet Heyward and Andersen, consulting detectives in a paranormal London you never imagined…

Elspeth Heyward has never met a puzzle she didn’t want to solve, or an adventure she didn’t relish. Taking Sherlock Homes as her benchmark, she is determined to be the best detective and monster hunter in London.

Lars Andersen’s ambitions aren’t nearly as demanding. He just wants to stay alive, out of trouble, and out of jail. But when your partner likes guns and dynamite, that could be a challenge. Can he survive his new employment?

The Case: Discover if a stone tower on their client’s estate is haunted. It should be straightforward, but ghosts aren’t all they find. When they dig up a body, they also unearth a murder and a tangle of secrets. Secrets they’d better unravel quickly before someone else dies.

Set in an alternate, supernatural version of Victorian Britain, The Ghostly Tower is the first riveting story in the Heyward and Andersen, Consulting Detectives series.

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