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Friday Flash Fiction: Joe vs. the Vampire

I was recently interviewed by Josh Pantalleresco and while on the show he dared me to write a fan fiction starring another author we both know and admire, Joe Compton. Now any one who knows me, is aware of the perverse homicidal imp muse… Continue Reading “Friday Flash Fiction: Joe vs. the Vampire”

Flash Fiction Friday: Salt Wind and Bones

Wednesday was a holiday here in Canada, plus I got a bit distracted with the start of Camp NaNoWriMo, which is why Drabble Wednesday was absent this week. But here is Flash Fiction Friday, with a short sea tale. Salt Wind and Bones The… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction Friday: Salt Wind and Bones”

Flash Fiction Friday: A Villain’s Work is Never Done

Welcome to my first Flash Fiction Friday! Today I have a short humorous tale of epic fantasy. A behind the scenes look at running a kingdom. Image by TenebrisCilva from Pixabay A Villain’s Work is Never Done “I am Rathnor! Scourge of Alayria!” The… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction Friday: A Villain’s Work is Never Done”