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Drabble Wednesday: Time Spurts

Welcome back to Drabble Wednesday and three more adventures with Tracy, Dr. Stein and Debbie the Time Sheep. Run, Tracy, Run “That can’t be real.” Dr. Stein’s mouth dropped open as he saw the group of mounted warriors thundering down a road in a… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: Time Spurts”

Drabble Wednesday: The Sheep Thickens

We are back again for Drabble Wednesday and more adventures with Tracy, Dr. Stein, and Debbie the Time Sheep. Interruption Tracy smirked at Dr. Stein and moved to retrieve a syringe of sedative. As her hand reached out, radiant luminosity filled the room, temporarily… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: The Sheep Thickens”

#Audiblegate: Why Audible May Not Be The Best Place To Download Audiobooks

So, I’ve talked about #Audiblegate before (you can find the previous posts here and here) and its deceptive “exchange policy” that are actually returns in disguise, but here’s a quick recap. Audible is using its platform as an lending library instead of a selling… Continue Reading “#Audiblegate: Why Audible May Not Be The Best Place To Download Audiobooks”

Drabble Wednesday: Dinosaurs And Sheep

Today I am back with Drabble Wednesday with a new chapter of the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories Saga. Enjoy. Primeval Instinct? To: Human Resources (Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories) From: Cloning Lab 1 We have concerns about the Tracy clone. Two and a half weeks… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: Dinosaurs And Sheep”

Drabble Wednesday: Teddy Bears, The Law, and American Pie

More fun with the scientists at the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories. A slightly longer entry in the saga… Presentation With a click, the video begins…The smiling face of a scientist in a laboratory appears. He walks across the room and begins talking to the… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: Teddy Bears, The Law, and American Pie”