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Drabble Wednesday: Come the Penguins

Here’s the next installment of the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse with Frankie and Joni. And for anyone wondering where Fluffernutter and Fluffy are, they will make an appearance… Interlude Before the Terror A flash of silver and a katana sliced the zombie penguin in half.… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: Come the Penguins”

National Poetry Month Day 30: I Am Done

So we have come to the end of the month and the final poem for April, with the appropriate prompt, I’m done. Today I’m using the Blitz form, so expect a bit of nonsense, but enjoy. I Am Done Done awayDone for nowNow it… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 30: I Am Done”

National Poetry Month Day 29: Forgotten Things

It’s a two for one special today, with a double poem based on the prompt, Forgotten Things. Forgotten Things Yesteryearin rose colourWistfulfor the old days Child labourRepressed rightsSubjugation ~*~ Technologyacross the worldAbundantfree communication Abused speechdrowning compassionin white noise.

Drabble Wednesday: Penguin Apocolypse Rising

Today we return to the Virtual Adventures of Frankie and Joni, with the start of a new story, The Zombie Penguin Apocalypse (inspired by Joshua Pantalleresco). It is the sequel to the Zombie Cows saga, with the return of everyone’s favouite, Dr. Quackenboss (and… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: Penguin Apocolypse Rising”

National Poetry Month Day 27: Splat

Today’s poem is a tyburn, and very much in the dark gallows humour vein, so be warned. Splat SquallingBrawlingDroppingStoppingRooftop fight; a squalling, brawling spatLanding with a dropping, stopping splat