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Drabble Wednesday: Dark Rising

Welcome back to the land of darkness, with three more fantasy horror drabbles. The Call Vibrations drumming, drumming, rhythms singing through the air, pounding from the earth, through the roots to the sky. The heart is thumping, blood of life coursing from the darkest… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: Dark Rising”

Updates and Excerpt Wednesday

So yes, I missed Drabble Wednesday last week, and it’s MIA this week as well, but I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo this month, working hard on getting my Fairy Tales and Nightmares story collection finished, and hopefully some work down on my Tales… Continue Reading “Updates and Excerpt Wednesday”

Drabble Wednesday: Three Tales for Halloween

Welcome again to Drabble Wednesday, this time for the spooky Halloween edition. Come join our host as he greets a guest and tells a story… Tale of Loss “Come in. Come in. Sit by the fire, warm yourself. Such horrid weather, and you look… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: Three Tales for Halloween”

#OctoberFrights – Day 6: Fairy Tales and Nightmares

Today is our last day of October Frights and to close off the Hop, I’m sharing an excerpt from my WIP, Fairy Tales and Nightmares, where I’m putting a dark fantasy and horror spin on classic fairy tales. The excerpt is from my take… Continue Reading “#OctoberFrights – Day 6: Fairy Tales and Nightmares”

#OctoberFrights – Day 5: Dark Poetry

Today, we celebrate dark poetry, with a spotlight on my new poetry book and a few poem excerpts from the collection. Enjoy. Poetry of Monsters and Madness From the darkness and the shadowsFrom the lunacy and the voidThe words flow on moonlight and mayhem,… Continue Reading “#OctoberFrights – Day 5: Dark Poetry”