Drabble Wednesday: Consequences

And Drabble Wednesday is back after a week off due to weather and other life things. Three more dark stories today so enjoy. Photo by Vittorio Staffolani on Pexels.com Aftermath The ravens circled the battlefield, one landing on a sword plunged into the ground. It pecked at the hand still grasping the hilt, but flew... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: War and Remembrance

Three more drabbles today, and the conclusion of last week's storyline. Photo by Andrew Beatson on Pexels.com Far Away She watched the magic-conjured storms rage against the sea from the safety of her tower. Whisked away by loyal palace guards, she fled in the early hours of the invasion and now wondered about the city’s... Continue Reading →

Updates and Excerpt Wednesday

So yes, I missed Drabble Wednesday last week, and it's MIA this week as well, but I'm in the middle of NaNoWriMo this month, working hard on getting my Fairy Tales and Nightmares story collection finished, and hopefully some work down on my Tales of the Norse Gods book as well. I am going to... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Whispers of Darkness

We're talking a break from the penguins today with some unrelated drabbles to feed the darkness...Enjoy. Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay Last Dance Among the stark gravestones, indigo obscurity wafts against the voluminous moon, and the sweet strains of forgotten melody play on the hush of wind. Diaphanous light shifts, and a silver grey meld of ethereal substance... Continue Reading →

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