Amazon Strikes Again!

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I had issues getting a permafree book price-matched on Amazon. Now they have done something else far, far worse to my recently released paperback edition of Souls of the Dark Sea.

They deleted it from the Amazon site.

So I apologize to anyone who clicks on any of the paperback links here on the site and finds no page.

And here’s why this happened. It’s incompetence at its best.

I was checking on the expanded distribution of the Souls paperback and did a Google search (as we authors do) using the term “Souls of the Dark Sea paperback”.  What came up in that search was not the sale page, but the page for the author’s proof copy.

I thought this was most strange, not to mention confusing for potential readers, so I emailed Amazon to ask why this page was showing on a public Google search.

That’s all I did. I just wanted an answer to a question.

The reply I got back was “I understand that you want the proof page of your book “Souls of the Dark Sea paperback” to be deleted.” Nowhere in my message did I say I wanted anything deleted. What’s more, they didn’t just delete the proof page, they deleted the entire paperback presence from their site. It is no longer being offered for sale. On any Amazon as far as I can tell.

So for now, and I’m truly sorry about this, you can only get Souls of the Dark Sea on ebook.



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