Drabble Wednesday: Dark Dreams

Another three horror drabbles to haunt you... Photo by Min An on Pexels.com Falling Stars A night of hushed reticence, deep and lethargic, spinning indigo into the air. I dream of stars, golden shimmers descending to ground in a shower of brilliant sparks and fiery death. I mourn them all as they scream, a shattering... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Reaping

Today I have a trio of drabbles that tell a dark story... Artwork generated by Wombo.art The Chosen Vibrant green blades of grass peeped from the first melt of snow, stirring the world from hibernation. The scent of spring was in the air and the deep shackles of winter were thrust away once more. The... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Fate of Judgement

It's that day and here are three more drabbles. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Fate Sheds No Tears Did you ever wonder what we thought? If we spare a care for the dead, or a sigh for those who fall under preordained misfortune. We weave those lives, after all, the unhappy wretches, those destined to... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Off to the Dark Side

Drabble Wednesday returns after the poetry hiatus with three new stories of whispers and war. Enjoy. Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com Timeworn The cool night wind stirred secrets across the desert sands, the ancient grit spinning patterns under the stars. Haunting reflections swirled in the languid air, drifting beyond any reverberations of the now.... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Consequences

And Drabble Wednesday is back after a week off due to weather and other life things. Three more dark stories today so enjoy. Photo by Vittorio Staffolani on Pexels.com Aftermath The ravens circled the battlefield, one landing on a sword plunged into the ground. It pecked at the hand still grasping the hilt, but flew... Continue Reading →

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