Don’t buy my book, Chronicles of the Undead, on Amazon: Part 2

Chronicles CoverSo here’s the update on getting price-matched by Amazon: They won’t do it.

Big shock there.

They more or less admitted they only price match books in KDP. The guy I originally talked to over at Amazon was more than willing to price match when he thought I was KDP (apparently they can’t read well on Amazon either, as I stated the book was through D2D in my first message). They keep trying to refer me back to Draft2Digital like that will solve anything. The people that run Draft2Digital said price-matching is up to Amazon.

So it’s a big Catch 22. But one Amazon could solve if they wanted to, but they obviously don’t. So for now, screw them. I’m done trying to convince them. And I’m done arguing with people who just regurgitate the party-line.

However, there is another option. If you would like to see the book listed as free on Amazon, feel free to pop over to the Amazon page and click the “Would you like to tell us about a lower price?” button. Then fill out the pop up form. Basically you just fill in the price with 0.00 and add a link to where the book can be found free in your country.

Here are the Chronicles of the Undead Amazon links:

Amazon US

Amazon Canada

You can find the free links you’ll need as examples on Chronicles Books2Read page:

But in any case you can still get a free Kindle Copy!

CotU Promo

Because you can download a free copy on


And for those who want it on epub, go here:


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