Day 26 – National Poetry Month: Wait on the Clock

Today I give you the annual Blitz poem, from the prompt Wait on the Clock. Also, the Blitz poem has a title rule, so I did not use the prompt as the title for this one.

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Godot with Wound
(from the prompt Wait on the Clock)

Wait on the Clock
Wait on Godot
Godot is late
Godot is no one
No man
No consequence
Consequence in rhyme
Consequence is time
Time for lunch
Time to think
Think of you
Think of an excuse
Excuse of behaviour
Excuse and lies
Lies and secrets
Lies and existence
Existence reality
Existence hyperbole
Hyperbole in pink
Hyperbole parable
Parable sower
Parable riddle
Riddle in tempo
Riddle me this
This is meaning
This is the end
End of the line
End of everything
Everything at once
Everything is nothing
Nothing to lose
Nothing in the void
Void of space
Void of meaning
Meaning hidden
Meaning what you say
Say it all
Say anything
Anything broken
Anything at all
All in
All or bust
Bust at the seams
Bust it open
Open to interpretation
Open wound
Wound eternity
Wound deep

©2022 A. F. Stewart

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