National Poetry Month Day 30: I Am Done

So we have come to the end of the month and the final poem for April, with the appropriate prompt, I'm done. Today I'm using the Blitz form, so expect a bit of nonsense, but enjoy. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay I Am Done Done awayDone for nowNow it beginsNow and foreverForever youngForever sucksSucks big timeSucks lollipopsLollipops... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month – Day 15: Out of Order

The prompt for Day 15 is out of order, written in one of my favourite forms, the blitz poem. Image by Steve Oberhansly from Pixabay  Out of Order Out of orderOut of timeTime fliesTime to killKill the darlingsKill zoneZone of deathZone of silenceSilence breaksSilence waitsWait for GodotWait foreverForever loveForever in a dayDay breaksDay tripTrip over toesTrip the light... Continue Reading →

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