National Poetry Month Day 26: Crossed Days

Today’s word cloud prompt was Crossed Days, but as you will notice, the poem title is Crossed Off Days. That is to conform with today’s poem form, the Blitz, which requires a specific type of three word title. Enjoy this little bit of nonsense.

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Crossed Off Days

Days of fun
Days of woe
Woe is me
Woe is life
Life cycle
Life sucks
Sucks the gravy train
Sucks the lollipop
Lollipop sweets
Lollipop days
Days of heaven
Days go by
By and by
By your leave
Leave this place
Leave it alone
Alone and lost
Alone at last
Last one in
Last one out
Out and about
Out and proud
Proud as a peacock
Proud and loud
Loud volume
Loud and obnoxious
Obnoxious manner
Obnoxious tourist
Tourist in the city
Tourist in your mind
Mind your manners
Mind games
Games forever
Game you play
Play station
Play it again
Again, we dance
Again, with feeling
Feeling crossed
Feeling groovy
Groovy man
Groovy Zen
Zen state of mind
Zen garden
Garden of thorns
Garden of bliss
Bliss perfection
Bliss is a miss

© A. F. Stewart 2023

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