Drabble Wednesday: Dark Endings

Drabble Wednesday is back again, after missing last week, with three creepy offerings…


The dirt road led nowhere special. To an overgrown lot of nondescript dry grass and weeds. Yet an old car sputtered down the rutted lane, the man driving with a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel. He hit the brakes, and the car lurched to a stop. 

“No, not him. It can’t be him.” Through the windshield, his eyes fixed on the figure standing in the road, back turned to the car.

“You’re not him. Not the Harbinger.”

The figure turned, smiling, wearing the same face as the driver. Eyes met and the driver’s heart stopped as the figure vanished.

The Last Letter

Dearest Genevieve,

I should have listened to you and never opened that wretched book. Regrets won’t fix what I’ve done and you must live with the consequences alone. I cannot face my culpability anymore or watch your sorrow, your reproachful looks. You never asked, but I know you suspect. I shall take the coward’s way out with one shot from my gun. The guilt is too much.

May the wealth I bargained for keep you safe, and may you find love again. Please forgive me one day. I never knew our son’s life would be the price of my actions.

Underneath the Pulse

Cold steel and asphalt. The smell of exhaust and the drumming rhythm of rain. Neon reflections flickered in the puddles as the humming undercurrent of the city sang its music into the night. Such stark, hollow beauty to behold. A night to live, to wander the shadowed streets for adventure. A night to be reckless.

I was tired of existing in limbo. In formless sleep.

I wanted to hunt. 

What did it matter if a few humans went missing?

They would never find them.

Or me.

No one ever looked beneath the heartbeat of their world.

Where the monsters lived.

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