Drabble Wednesday: More Time Shenanigans

The Time Sheep returns with three more drabbles. Photo AI generated with Adobe Firefly and edited with Photoshop. Not for commercial use. The Twelve Are Not What They Seem (Neither Are The Chickens) “There they are!”Armed men surrounded Jimmy and Debbie, overwhelming them with force, handcuffing Jimmy and shoving Debbie into a cage.One man squawked... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: The Time Sheep is the Chosen One?

Three more entries in Time Sheep Apocalypse. Enjoy. Photo AI generated by Adobe Firefly. Not for commercial use. Don’t Be the Chosen One A group of astonished people stared at a pile of scattered feathers and a contented sheep licking blood from her wool.“She ate the chicken.” A voice echoed out from beyond the crowd.Jimmy... Continue Reading →

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