Drabble Wednesday: Fate

Drabble Wednesday is back with three more dark stories. Enjoy. Photo by Walter Alejandro on Pexels.com Oracle “This isn't a good idea.”“I have to know.” I brushed past my brother, entering the Oracle’s chamber. The door shut behind me.A young, pale girl sat on a throne in the darkened room, surrounded by strange hooded statues.... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Holiday Vignettes

Three holiday-themed drabbles for your reading enjoyment. Drabble Wednesday will be taking a break until the 28th when (hopefully) I'll be back with some New Year's fun. Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com Candlelight Melting warmth into the night, fading scarlet and amber brilliance against the twinkling emergence of stars, matched by the glow in... Continue Reading →

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