Drabble Wednesday: Scenes

Another week, three more drabbles... Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com The Last Dance Rustling grass danced shadows under a harvest moon as the last of the summer breeze blew beyond the twilight. One crow flew past the fading sun; a solitary harbinger of the encroaching night, before the distant horizon swallowed its silhouette. Laughter... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Encounters

Drabble Wednesday is back with three new horror stories. Photo by Perry Wunderlich on Pexels.com Payment Jimmy stood in a field, waiting. A faint scent of brimstone blew across the dry grass on a cold wind, while a distant rumble of thunder broke the silence of the shifting grey clouds. Light and air shimmered into... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Dark Dreams

Another three horror drabbles to haunt you... Photo by Min An on Pexels.com Falling Stars A night of hushed reticence, deep and lethargic, spinning indigo into the air. I dream of stars, golden shimmers descending to ground in a shower of brilliant sparks and fiery death. I mourn them all as they scream, a shattering... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Reaping

Today I have a trio of drabbles that tell a dark story... Artwork generated by Wombo.art The Chosen Vibrant green blades of grass peeped from the first melt of snow, stirring the world from hibernation. The scent of spring was in the air and the deep shackles of winter were thrust away once more. The... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Dark Endings

Drabble Wednesday is back again, after missing last week, with three creepy offerings... Harbinger The dirt road led nowhere special. To an overgrown lot of nondescript dry grass and weeds. Yet an old car sputtered down the rutted lane, the man driving with a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel. He hit the brakes, and... Continue Reading →

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