Don’t Buy my Book, Chronicles of the Undead, on Amazon: Part 3

Chronicles CoverAnd so the Chronicles of the Undead saga continues.  A day after I dusted my hands from the inept help that is Amazon price-matching, Draft2Digital sent another email saying they decided to send a price-match request to Amazon. So there’s that. Maybe it will help and maybe it won’t. Maybe the sun will turn blue tomorrow. Stranger things have happened, I guess, than getting Amazon to listen and actually help. Though this is experience has convinced me that Amazon really doesn’t make its policies clear to the people it does business with, and that just a shame. I’m not even sure it knows its own policies.


But in the meantime, as I wait and wait, and wait, to see if the price-matching gods smile on me, readers can still download Chronicles on the Undead for free, despite Amazon.

CotU Promo

Download a free Kindle (or epub) copy on


And for those who want it get the epub at a retailer, go here:



Just don’t buy it!

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