Drabble Wednesday: Penguin Absentia

The next installment of the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse with Frankie and Joni (plus the cows, cat, and the guinea pig).

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


I breathed a sigh of relief. We just needed to reset this madness in the main panel and then…

The room turned inside out again and we all stood in a lovely meadow of wildflowers.

What the heck?

“The penguins are gone.” Frankie’s voice sounded confused and he furiously checked his tablet. “And the Ninja Bear.”

“That’s a good thing, right?”

He didn’t answer, only replied, “And this meadow isn’t in the database.”

“Wait, what? How is that possible?”

That’s when a portal opened in the floor.

The cat hissed and the cows mooed. I felt a headache coming on.


“Yep, we’ve been hacked.” Frankie’s voice cut through the shock of seeing another zombie penguin hoard crawl out of the portal. Then he snatched up Fluffernutter and Fluffy, turned to me and the cows, shouting, “Run!” and made a mad dash for the far side of the room. The cows and I scrambled after him.

“Where are we going? The door’s the other way.”

“Didn’t you notice? The door’s gone. We’re headed to the escape hatch.”

“Escape hatch? When did we get an escape hatch?”

“After the flying monkey guy invaded.”

Well, hooray for planning. Sometimes Frankie does think ahead.


“A VR poster? That’s the escape hatch?” I shook my head at the blinking Keep Calm and Push the Button sign.

“Just press the big red button.”

I slammed my palm into the panic button and heard the familiar chime of a transport. The wall opened to a VR grav lift and we all raced into safety as the wall reformed behind us, and I heard a hollow scream. The lift activated and when the doors opened we piled out into another room.

“Where are we? And how are the cows here?”

“It’s the self-contained auxiliary VR space,” Frankie replied.

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