Drabble Wednesday: Fractured Festival

The Christmas saga continues... Holiday Threats “I got a list, don’t need to check it twice. I always know who’s naughty and nice.” “Now what?” I grimaced and stamped my foot in frustration. “Show yourself! No more of these reindeer games!” “Reindeer,” Frankie moaned. “Poor Rudolph.” “Yeah. Why are you messing with the holiday display?”... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Holidays with Frankie and Joni

Frankie and Joni are back for a December holiday edition with some laughs and another... invasion? Read on to find out. Photo by Miesha Maiden on Pexels.com Silly Santa “Frankie!” My shout rattled the nodes in the holo-projector and echoed off the vid room walls. “Get your butt in here now!” Fluffy and Fluffernutter retreated,... Continue Reading →

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