Drabble Wednesday: Fractured Festival

The Christmas saga continues…

Holiday Threats

“I got a list, don’t need to check it twice. I always know who’s naughty and nice.”

“Now what?” I grimaced and stamped my foot in frustration. “Show yourself! No more of these reindeer games!”

“Reindeer,” Frankie moaned. “Poor Rudolph.”

“Yeah. Why are you messing with the holiday display?”

“Because I can. Because it’s my nature.” More creepy laughter. “The question you should ask is: What will I do next?”

“What can you do that’s worse than what we’ve seen? We’ve fought zombie cows and penguins, two apocalypses, and freaking flying monkeys! Bring it!”

“I can stop Christmas from coming.”

Holiday Villains

“Frankie! Did you program a grinch into the holiday holo?”

“No! Way too much legal trouble.”

“Then who? Which—”

“Grinch? That second rate holiday wrecker? He had no follow through. I’m the one and only dark holiday spirit.”

“Big talk for a guy that won’t even show his face.”

“Haven’t you heard of a dramatic build-up? Every good villain needs an entrance. You’ll see me soon enough.”

“Before or after I die of boredom?”

“Oh, fine. Here’s a clue: Do you know where your Santa is?”

“Not the village!” Frankie ran out screaming and I chased him to another holo-room.

Vandalized Holiday

We ran straight into a scene of carnage and chaos.

Virtual bodies of Santa’s elves were scattered on a toy room floor amid the destroyed remnants of gifts, wrapping, and blood-stained bows.

“Oh, the humanity. I mean, the elven kind. They’re all gone. Wiggles and Hoppy, Jazzy and Sprite. He even got Bob.”

“Bob? Who names an elf, Bob?” The ominous voice returned and smoke rose from the floor, billowing a column of charcoal grey that coalesced into a horned figure clothed in tattered robes. He grinned, showing sharp fangs, and roared, “I am Krampus!”

In unison, we asked, “Who?”

To be continued next week…

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