Drabble Wednesday: Holidays with Frankie and Joni

Frankie and Joni are back for a December holiday edition with some laughs and another… invasion? Read on to find out.

Photo by Miesha Maiden on Pexels.com

Silly Santa

“Frankie!” My shout rattled the nodes in the holo-projector and echoed off the vid room walls. “Get your butt in here now!” Fluffy and Fluffernutter retreated, their tails disappearing out the door moments before Frankie poked his head inside. 

“What, what—I mean—it boggles the mind. What were you thinking?”

“About? Be specific.”

I gritted my teeth. “About the Christmas display. Why did you create that monstrosity?”

“Hey, I followed the directives!”

“No, you did not. It was supposed to be Santa, his sleigh and his reindeer flying in front of the moon! Not Santa mooning the reindeer!”

“Oh. Um, oops?”

Extraterrestrial Santa

“Eggnog shouldn’t be blue. What’s he done now?” I took a sip, and then another. I finished the glass before the room started spinning and I woke up to Frankie staring at me. “The eggnog was blue.”

“Oh, dear. This is the sci-fi Christmas party, and that was Romulan ale. You’re drunk.”

I giggled. “Shhh! Don’t tell the aliens, or Santa. Wait. Is Santa an alien? He is!”

“No, that’s just the holo display. Christmas on Alpha Centauri.”

“Santa is an alien! Santa is an alien!” I giggled before throwing up on Frankie’s shoes. “Hey, the eggnog is still blue.”

Santa Slay


Frankie’s heart-rending wail had me racing to the vid room, where I pulled up short, staring at the ghastly display on the holo-wall.

“Someone’s murdered Rudolph!” 

Frankie pointed, but I couldn’t miss the reindeer head splayed out like a macabre virtual trophy. The rest of the body twitched and fritzed on the floor, scattering sparks.

“What in all the green mistletoe? Is this a glitch?”

“It’s sabotage!” Frankie screamed.

“Not again. Haven’t we had enough of this? It’s the freaking holidays.”

An ominous laugh rang out, and it wasn’t a Ho, Ho, Ho.

“Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good.”


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