Drabble Wednesday: Lost and Found

I have some drabbles for you, but first a quick update. NaNoWriMo is officially over for another year and I managed another win, so that means the first draft of Fairy Tales and Nightmares is complete.

Now on to the drabbles. I have two for you today. Where is the third one you say? Well, I have a haiku for you instead. Enjoy.

Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay

Once, in the Night

Across the hollow reeds and the dark water, soft dulcet tones of a flute floated on the midnight air, the music and gentle waves rocking a drifting boat. The clink of broken china—once a treasured tea set—tapped a discord against the honeyed notes. The moon sprinkled radiant highlights over scarred wood, and the invisible stain of tears.

Then a coo, a bubble of sound, muffled by a bundle of blankets, rose from the bottom of the boat. A hint of life in an abandoned vessel, a sole passenger born of a desperate act slowly riding the currents out to sea.


The warm summer sunset caressed the chrysanthemums planted near the grave, lovingly tended by nurturing hands. White blooms spread in soft silken petals like circles of stars keeping watch over the grave.

Tangerine shadows colour-washed the air and ground, dancing the hue over the silent place of eternal rest. Muddled footprints, faintly pressed into the damp earth, showed the passing of a mourner, a dutiful young man paying respect to a father not of blood, but love.

Flowers and footprints, intertwined in memories and grief, of one moment of fate and a reckless act to answer a lost baby’s cry.

From the silent seas

and the drifting tears of loss

hope is found in love

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

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