Drabble Wednesday: Dark Rising

Welcome back to the land of darkness, with three more fantasy horror drabbles.

Photo by Plato Terentev on Pexels.com

The Call

Vibrations drumming, drumming, rhythms singing through the air, pounding from the earth, through the roots to the sky. The heart is thumping, blood of life coursing from the darkest shadows to the sun.

Eyes that cannot see, a tongue that cannot speak, but existence thrums within her tomb and the tides shift upon her shore. The grace of peace is over. The sanctuary of illusion is done.

The worlds will tremble. The worlds will scream. And all will bow before her might.

Vibrations drumming, rhythms sounding in her ear. She awakens in fire. She awakens the new dawn of war.


We never saw her coming.

Across the seas, she led armies, ships of magic, ships of brimstone and rage, full of the undead and dark things from the bowels of the underworld. What chance did we stand, farmers and herders, against such as those?

So we ran, abandoned our homes, our lives, even our loved ones, and fled to the walled cities where they had armies trained to fight. Yet, even those walls crumbled, those warriors died and joined her ranks.

Now I kill in the name of a goddess I never worshiped, not allowed to rest in a grave.


Seared bone crunched under her feet as she walked the dead earth. 

Her enemies had fallen, her armies released to their eternal death, and it all lay in charred ruins. Every kingdom, everything living thing that once breathed.

All save her. 

Scorched land surrounded her and the skies above burned a fiery red. Seas had boiled dry, and the forests consumed themselves in a conflagration of flame. Everything had fallen before her might.

She inhaled the smoke, the stench of burnt flesh and seared vegetation, and ground the bones to powder under her heel. She smiled.

She was finally alone.

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