Drabble Wednesday: The Penguin Plot Thickens

The Penguin Zombie Apocalypse continues this week after a short break last week, due to a busy schedule and getting my first vaccine shot. But I hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Cold Night of the Penguins

“What the heck?” Frankie’s voice whispered in my ear; he had somehow made his way to my ceiling perch, leaving the others below.
I shrugged. “No clue. Looks like some weird occult vid. How did they gain control of the VR?”
Frankie sighed. “That’s what I was trying to explain earlier. I think…”
The red ring suddenly exploded outward in a blinding light.
When the crimson radiance faded, ice floes filled the space, stuck to the floor, ceiling, and the walls. The air shrieked with clacking and flapping noises, and I looked down.
We had been invaded by zombies. Again.

21 Penguins <(“)

I counted twenty-one red-eyed zombie penguins screeching in a harsh monotone, “Fish brains! Bring us fish brains!” At the head of the pack stood the Thunder Penguin, waving his lightning bolt and summoning thunder with each stroke.
Nooooooo!” A long plaintive cry startled us all. “Oh, Thunder Penguin! What happened to you!” A flash of pink rushed forward, hopping from floe to floe.
Well, shit. I forgot about that annoying Ninja Bear.
Just as the bear reached the penguins, the VR room doors slid open with a crash, and in rushed Fluffy and Fluffernutter.
That’s when all hell broke loose.

War of the Penguins

I’m not sure who struck first, but a battle erupted into a mayhem of darting fur, flapping wings, and flying hooves. I turned to Frankie, but he had dashed into the fight. Over my screams I heard a sword sparking against a lightning bolt, high-pitched angry moos, and Frankie yelling, “Don’t you touch my cat!”
When it was all over, the cat—looking pleased with himself—perched atop a groaning penguin, a grinning Frankie sat on the Ninja Bear waving her katana, cows were trampling over ice floes sliding through penguin innards, and Fluffy chewed on a piece of shredded red cape.

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