Drabble Wednesday: Penguins, Upside down

Here’s the next installment of the Penguin Apocalypse Saga with Frankie, Joni, Fluffy and Fluffernutter.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Cry of the Penguins

“Brains, brains, brains… fish.”
They stood there chanting, this hoard (or maybe flock?) of penguins, eyes glowing green, beaks clacking. I edged towards the door and tried the controls, but the mechanism was inoperative.
I darted along the wall and rejoined Frankie, the cows, and an angry-looking Ninja Bear.
She hissed at me, “What did you do to the Thunder Penguin?”
“Nothing,” I snapped, “He joined up with the zombies on his own.”
“Um,” Frankie waved his tablet, “Maybe not. I think our program was hacked. I found—”
Everyone screamed as the room suddenly inverted sideways.
Then the penguins laughed.

Pengalypse Inception

“Get your hoof off my ear!” I barked at Arabella the cow, who mooed angrily. I tried to shift, only to end nose to nose with Frankie.
I wailed, “What is going on?”
“All the calibrating metrics have gone haywire! Up is down, and inside out. Plus the gravity’s all wonky.”
Before I could ask more, a cow kicked my backside and I flew halfway to the ceiling. A chill raced up my spine as my aerial view showed me the zombie penguins. They had circled the outer edges of the room, encompassed in a glowing red ring of light…

Fluffy and Fluffernutter Intermission
(Translated from guinea pig and cat)

Fluffy squeaked at the cat, “Where are Frankie and Joni? These computer readings are very strange.”
Fluffernutter opened one eye, and uncoiled from his perch on the ergonomic chair. “They went into the VR room for some glitch or another.” He yawned, and then growled, “Though, come to think of it, that was a while ago and Frankie missed my snack feeding.”
“We should check on them.” Fluffy scurried across the floor to the VR door, Fluffernutter at his heels.
A radiant burst of red light greeted them, quickly followed by a howl of, “Fish brains! Bring us fish brains!”

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