Drabble Wednesday: Come the Penguins

Here’s the next installment of the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse with Frankie and Joni. And for anyone wondering where Fluffernutter and Fluffy are, they will make an appearance…

Interlude Before the Terror

A flash of silver and a katana sliced the zombie penguin in half. Both parts glitched and disappeared. The Ninja Bear glowered at us, sparks bouncing off her sword.

“What sorcery is this?” 

Frankie shrugged “Electromagnetic photons?”

“I believe it was the disruption of photons to be precise.” Dr Quackenboss mooed.

“Devil cow!” The bear raised her sword again.

I rushed forward and bopped her on the nose; she fell on her backside.

“Cool your holoroll. No one kills the cow but me. And that was an accident.”

“Was it though?”

I glared at Dr. Quackenboss as the bear growled.

Mad Zombie, Thunder Penguin

We glared—the resentful cow, me, and a sword wielding Ninja Bear—as we faced off. Frankie and the other cows looked confused. But who knows what would have happened if a crack of thunder and a streak of lightning hadn’t ripped across the VR room.

When the smoke cleared, a figure stepped forward, cape flapping.

I groaned, “Not another one,” as the bear shouted, “The Thunder Penguin!”

Frankie nudged me, “Isn’t he looking a bit greenish?”

The newcomer didn’t react to any of us, only stared and drooled. He grunted, “Brains. Fried brains.”

Then the Thunder Penguin raised his lightning bolt.

Dawn of the Penguins

I screamed, “Scatter!” 

Cows, bears, and humans fled in all directions. 

The lightning hit the VR floor in a burst of sparkling energy, cascading across the surface in a radiant display. Dancing between sparks, I raced towards the door, skidding into the wall instead as everything went dark.

The generators rebooted moments later, and revealed a barren, frigid landscape, the dim room lighting tinted green.

“Frankie! What the freak just happened!” From across the room he shook his head and the cows mooed. Then the Ninja Bear snarled, and I saw.

Behind the Thunder Penguin, rows of more zombie penguins…

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