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Drabble Wednesday: Come the Penguins

Here’s the next installment of the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse with Frankie and Joni. And for anyone wondering where Fluffernutter and Fluffy are, they will make an appearance… Interlude Before the Terror A flash of silver and a katana sliced the zombie penguin in half.… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: Come the Penguins”

Drabble Wednesday: The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga

Welcome to my second series of drabbles, The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga (but don’t worry Frankie and Joni will be back). These are the misadventures of mad science, enjoy… We Don’t Serve Brains! I never thought meeting Kate would be so traumatic, but… Continue Reading “Drabble Wednesday: The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga”