Drabble Wednesday: The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga

Welcome to my second series of drabbles, The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga (but don’t worry Frankie and Joni will be back). These are the misadventures of mad science, enjoy…

We Don’t Serve Brains!

I never thought meeting Kate would be so traumatic, but then again I never expected her to be a zombie with a taste for brains. Frankly, I was gobsmacked.
The evening began with a real-world party to celebrate the first-anniversary milestone for our online science club. Then the lights went out, and the screams started. We restored power to find Tracy and Mike dead, their heads bashed in, and Kate eating parts of Tracy’s brain with a spoon. More screams resonated and everybody scattered, Kate in pursuit.
Me, I’m always prepared; I retrieved my zombie killing kit from my car…


Oh, the carnage. 
I took Kate down but not until she wiped out poor Lenny and Priscilla. That’s when I called in my employers, Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories for clean up. Efficient as always, their technicians swooped in and erased the evidence of zombie Kate and her victims. And of course, I took carefully prepared samples for study. I believe Kate’s zombie attributes were part of a project from our rival lab Raccoon Umbrella Genetics. Corporate will want proof. 
Plus, you never know.
I have a little project of my own I’m working on. Human DNA samples will be useful.

Mad Science and Tracy

In my younger years, my father gave me some advice I never understood until now.
Never clone.
After the zombie incident, I seized the unexpected opportunity for my research. With the secretly obtained DNA of one of the victims, Tracy, I engineered her clone. Everything seemed fine at first. All the tests were positive, but then the odd behaviours started: the burrowing, the rolling into a ball, the insect eating. I guess we shouldn’t have spliced in those armadillo genes.
Now she’s packed up and gone missing. I shudder to think what will happen when the T-Rex DNA kicks in. 

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