Drabble Wednesday: More Mad Science

Another round of the The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga. Enjoy.

Mad Science and Tracy- Part 2

Here I was, anxiously watching an armadillo-dinosaur, hybrid clone suck up her fifth pink lemonade through a yellow straw. Tracy seemed calm, especially considering her recent shoplifting rampage through the downtown district. She even stole the mayor’s red corvette to use as her getaway vehicle.
Now the police were involved, and a S.W.A.T team surrounded the café, guns drawn. Their negotiator tried to get Tracy to surrender, but so far her only communication was to throw an ugly shoe in his direction. I was hoping she would submit peacefully, but now I’m going to have to go with Plan B…

Mad Science and Tracy- Part 3

“Make sure you check the valves.” I hissed at my assistant, Igor, as we crouched out of sight. “The anesthetic has to knock out the cops, Tracy, everybody.”
He nodded, examining the apparatus as we donned our gas masks and I opened the canister valves. Within minutes bodies dropped like flies, except for Tracy; she simply staggered around, making odd noises.
“Here.” I drew my trank gun and pushed Igor into the street. “Lure her out.”
Tracy charged, as Igor ran away screaming, and one shot took Tracy down. We loaded her into the cryo-chamber and headed for the lab.

Mad Science and Tracy – Part 4

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.
My report must be filed and it was either the sink or hanging from the ceiling fan. The rest of the kitchen is now in the basement with several of the Tracy clones.
I blame Igor. That stupid idiot hit the infinite button on the cloning machine when we were fixing Tracy’s DNA. Now the lab’s overrun with Tracy clones causing mayhem and eating the yogurt. Thank heavens for the explosive floors and lockdown procedures.
I’m initiating the kill switch on the clones. We’ll have to start the Tracy project from scratch.

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