Drabble Wednesday: Teddy Bears, The Law, and American Pie

More fun with the scientists at the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories.

A slightly longer entry in the saga…


With a click, the video begins…
The smiling face of a scientist in a laboratory appears. He walks across the room and begins talking to the camera.
“Here at the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories, we take cross-species DNA splicing seriously. We know there has been much squawking in the media lately about our irresponsible approach to gene manipulation, cloning, and there have been accusations of reckless experiments resulting in the creation of dangerous hybrids.”
“I just have to say that our hybrid creations are produced in the most responsible manner possible and that we take all safety precautions to ensure the protection of the public. Rest assured, the recent incident at one of our labs was a result of sabotage and an isolated event.”
“In fact, one of our projects has just reached a successful conclusion and today we are unveiling the latest addition to the Flying Monkey family, the prototype for our living Teddy Bear.”
The scientist smiles at the camera.
“Release the chamber door please.”
The camera pans to a lab assistant who unlatches a door on a large steel cylinder and slides it open.
“And now we will see our—what! Tracy! That’s not—”
The video breaks to static…

In Court

“How do you plead to the charges, Carlotta Moxie?”
“I proudly plead guilty. Those hybrids at the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory needed to be freed. I bet that scientist was surprised to see a duct taped Tracy clone instead of his living Teddy Bear. I know it was a hit on YouTube.”
“Miss Moxie! Your escapade let hybrids loose downtown!”
Carlotta laughed. “The policeman and the cantaloupe caused that! Did the Mayor scream when the Gator-Pigeons took a bite out of his posterior?”
“Incorrigible! You are hereby sentenced to six months, plus a ten dollar fine for overdue library books.”

Is the ArmaTeddy® Right for You?

Are you alone and without companionship?
Do you cuddle with that well-worn stuffed animal?
Do you want something more than just a toy?

Do you hide behind closed doors, afraid of the criminal element?
Do you jump at every sudden sound?
Are you allergic to guard dogs?

Are you a rich and eccentric collector?
Can’t live without that new gadget?
Does a living, breathing hybrid teddy bear/armadillo appeal to you?

Would you like a sentient, armoured, action teddy bear to solve your companion needs and security concerns?
Are you salivating at the thought?
Are you ready for the ArmaTeddy®?

Corporate Retreat

Yesterday our dysfunctional Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories family arrived at Nimrod Campground for our annual camping trip. We found a flooded lodge, but with the Sonic Vacuum, plus the help of Scuba Eagle and Cyber-Man we dehydrated the site. 
That first night, Doctors Spaulding, Philip and Theodore made their famous wiener chilli and we had a sing-a-long; Mothman and ArmaTeddy did a wonderful duet of American Pie.
We needed this vacation after all our troubles with zombies, Tracy clones, and that gator/Tracy/teddy mix-up. I just hope no one gets the collywobbles from the food; last year’s bucket spew fest was enough.

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