Drabble Wednesday: Dinosaurs And Sheep

Today I am back with Drabble Wednesday with a new chapter of the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories Saga. Enjoy.

Primeval Instinct?

To: Human Resources (Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories)

From: Cloning Lab 1

We have concerns about the Tracy clone. Two and a half weeks ago Head Office requested she and Dr. Stein travel to our subsidiary, Dinosaur Utopia. While the request seemed odd, she seemed eager to explore her roots, seeing how she’s part T-Rex.

The pair went to the research observation habitat, sending back video reports on the fauna and flora. Four days ago we lost contact and sent out a team. There was no sign of Tracy or Dr. Stein. Even more disturbing, the battery-powered food processor was missing…

Five Days Ago (Dinosaur Utopia)

To: Dr. Stein (Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories)

From: PrimalCorp

We inquire again about obtaining your dinosaur reconstitution process. Are you willing to defect from FMGL and bring over your research specimens?

Dr. Stein looked on in desperation from his cage as Tracy deleted the email. She turned and smiled at him. “Did you think the company wouldn’t find out about your betrayal? That’s why we were sent here to the secondary facility. My job is to make you permanently disappear, Dr. Stein, before I return with a sob story of a terrible accident. I’m sure the dinosaurs will be quick.”

Time Sheep

And in science news, tragedy struck the Flying Monkey Time Institute—a subsidiary of the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories—this week, as their ongoing time travel experiments went awry. Initial tests went well, as they successfully transported the so-called “Time Sheep,” Debbie, five minutes into the future. Unfortunately, this excursion unravelled with unforeseen side effects and left Debbie a time-hopping, flesh-eating monster. As of today, sightings of Debbie the “Time Sheep” have retroactively been recorded in 1985, 2001, and 1957, with twelve known incidents of a “ferocious disappearing sheep.”

If you encounter such a sheep, please contact the Flying Monkey Time Institute.

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