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#OctoberFrights – Day 6: Fairy Tales and Nightmares

Today is our last day of October Frights and to close off the Hop, I’m sharing an excerpt from my WIP, Fairy Tales and Nightmares, where I’m putting a dark fantasy and horror spin on classic fairy tales. The excerpt is from my take… Continue Reading “#OctoberFrights – Day 6: Fairy Tales and Nightmares”

#OctoberFrights – Day 5: Dark Poetry

Today, we celebrate dark poetry, with a spotlight on my new poetry book and a few poem excerpts from the collection. Enjoy. Poetry of Monsters and Madness From the darkness and the shadowsFrom the lunacy and the voidThe words flow on moonlight and mayhem,… Continue Reading “#OctoberFrights – Day 5: Dark Poetry”

#OctoberFrights – Day 4: Drabble Wednesday

Today I have the October Frights edition of Drabble Wednesday, with some spooky tales. Be sure to leave the lights on and enjoy…. Dark Sonata of the Moon Glistening moonlight wrapped in the shadow of night. Calm water reflecting the hushed scene of tranquil… Continue Reading “#OctoberFrights – Day 4: Drabble Wednesday”

#OctoberFrights – Day 2: Horror Books

Today I’m spotlighting a few paranormal and horror books that may be of interest to readers. Some of these are already in my Kindle and the others are on the TBR list Beneath (Running From the Devil Book 1) by J.E. Taylor and Katie… Continue Reading “#OctoberFrights – Day 2: Horror Books”

#OctoberFrights – Day One: Intro

Hello and welcome to October Frights 2021. Yes, it is that time of year again, when all the horror writers step out of the dark shadows and offer up scary stories and goodies for you to read and enjoy. The Hop runs from October… Continue Reading “#OctoberFrights – Day One: Intro”