Day 27 – National Poetry Month: Paradise in Nightmare

Today's poem is a bit of a chant poem and a bit of a free verse poem, from the prompt Paradise in Nightmare. Enjoy. Photo by Joonas ku00e4u00e4riu00e4inen on Paradise in Nightmare Live the High Lifesipping champagneGilded age of dreams,at someone else’s expenseYour paradisebuilt on nightmare Boom or Bustlet the gold flowNever mind the... Continue Reading →

Day 16 – National Poetry Month: Fire Tempest

Today's prompt was Fire Tempest and I give you a free verse poem that flowed out this morning. Enjoy. Photo by Uzunov Rostislav on Fire Tempest Stride the swirling sands,born of the solar winds,surrounded by a thousand screamsof the dying Wings of searing flamesunyielding beyond infinity,bounded for an eternity of painand suffering ©2022 A.... Continue Reading →

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