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National Poetry Month Day 28: Original Sin

Today’s prompt was original sin, and this is what I wrote. Original Sin The false-faced, false-tonguedTragic sin of prideAnd turn your blind eyepast the souls that died Hypocrite mourningwhen eyes turn on youBut the stain of sinalways sticks like glue Forged faith won’t hideyour… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 28: Original Sin”

National Poetry Month Day 25: Mourning Ritual

So my prompt for today was Cemetery Picnic, and here’s the poem I wrote inspired by Victorian Era customs (and yes, they did picnic in cemeteries). Also, I usually use the prompt for the title, but I changed it up for this one. Mourning… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 25: Mourning Ritual”

National Poetry Month Day 21: Ripple

Here is today’s poem. Take it as you will. Ripple One breathgaspingundulation wavesOne breath silenced Collective breathholdingon the turning pointOne breath heard

National Poetry Month Day 16: Snowbirds

Just a short poem today. Snowbirds Fly away southFar from the icy frostA few moments in the sunBefore coming home

National Poetry Month Day 14: Red Plaid Shirt

Fair Warning, you may not like this poem, or it may hit a nerve, or trigger upsetting feelings. Red Plaid Shirt He thought he was invincibleHe didn’t need to listen to rulesNothing can hurt me, he’d sayWith his goofy grin and red plaid shirt… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 14: Red Plaid Shirt”