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National Poetry Month Day 11: Exclamations

Some more opinions in poetry for today. Exclamations OutcriesOutragefor empty conspiracyand repugnant traditionClinging to what they knowinstead of letting gointo a brave new world Oh, oh, ohDon’t change it!Oh, oh, ohYou’re too sensitive!Oh, oh, ohI didn’t mean it like that! Hollow exclamationsThreatened recriminationsagainstnew expectationsfor… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 11: Exclamations”

National Poetry Month Day 6: Enlightened Chastity

We go a bit deep with the poetry today, writing to the prompt enlightened chastity. Enlightened Chastity Uplifting reverence of purityAspirations of a saintly relicVirgin child manipulationExploitation in disguise UntouchableAbstinenceIdealRestraint Impositions of a patriarchyOn a subjugated genderMaidenhood objectifiedInto sanctified delusion

National Poetry Month Day Three: Turkish Night

Here’s today’s poem. Turkish Night A swirl of aromatic smokeOn the drifting evening breezeWith a lingering hint of rose Waning light along the streetbeyond the day ever endingand a canopy of emerging stars Moonlight over the bazaarAgainst shades of tapestry goldAnd the fading scent… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day Three: Turkish Night”

National Poetry Month – Day 30: Strong Tea

Here we are, on the last day of April and the last poem for this year’s National Poetry Month. I hope you enjoyed the poems. Today’s prompt was, a nice strong cup of tea, and I went with free verse today. So pull up… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month – Day 30: Strong Tea”

National Poetry Month – Day 24: Bob’s Your Uncle

Today’s poem is another bit of silly, written in rhyming free verse for the prompt (suggested from Facebook), Bob’s Your Uncle. Image by Tumisu from Pixabay  Bob’s Your Uncle Bob’s your uncle you see,on that we can all agreeWe mourn his demise,but his estate is the prizeand… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month – Day 24: Bob’s Your Uncle”