National Poetry Month Day 20: Rolling Thunder

Here's today's stormy poem. Image by jplenio from Pixabay Rolling Thunder Between the quiet spaces of the worldThe budding thunder wakes its tempoIts expanding pressure windswept swirled Into the waiting air, a storm unfurledA boom, a crash, a harsh helloBetween the quiet spaces of the world Its voice roaring, a challenge hurledAcross the sky, the swelling tableauIts expanding... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month – Day 26: Beyond the Farthest Star

Today's poem is a Villanelle from the prompt, beyond the farthest star. Image by WikiImages from Pixabay  Beyond the Farthest Star Beyond the reach of infinity’s gaze,past the edge of the blackest nightwe journey alone, amid stalwart days Bound in steel, a shell-like mazeof humanity’s aspiration in flightBeyond the reach of infinity’s gaze New horizons ahead, discovery ablazeto... Continue Reading →

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