Drabble Wednesday: Perspectives

The next installment of the Virtual Zombie Penguin Apocalypse.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

The Situation

“Oh, I say, they are everywhere. This doesn’t look good chaps.”  Doctor Quakenboss studied the monitor with a frown. “We are involved in a full scale zombie penguin invasion. Our resident villain hijacked the remote VR projectors.”

Fluffy scooted across the desk to look. “You’re right. So why is the control room zombie free? And where are Frankie and Joni?”

“Why the control room is not infested, I have no idea, but our Frankie and Join are hiding in a utility closet and those rather mindless zombies can’t find them.”

“Maybe that’s why the zombie penguins want to eat brains.”

Going to Plan?

Le Pingouin Noir rubbed his hands together and laughed. “Success! Soon I will have control of the VR world and my zombie penguins will rule!”

“So why haven’t you taken over the control room?” The Frost Ninja Bear tapped her paw impatiently against her empty scabbard. “Why can’t you find those two bumbling programmers?”  

Le Pingouin Noir glared at her. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m working on it. Hacking the heat sensors and camera feeds have proved troublesome and that darned cow triggered some exclusivity zone in the control room when I tried to turn the other cows.”

“Excuses, excuses.”

In the Closet

“Why haven’t they found us?” I shivered, waiting for zombie penguin hordes.

“Don’t know.” Frankie shrugged, shifting his weight. The Ninja Bear’s sword dug into my hip. 

“Why do you still have that thing? Wait, how do you have it? There are no remote projectors in the closet.”

“It’s real, not VR.”

“What? A VR character had a real sword?” I was puzzled, then it hit me. “Oh my, he did it!  I know how to stop him. Frankie, can you trick the penguins and get us out of here?”

“Already on it. It should be safe to leave now.”

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