Drabble Wednesday: The Tides Turn

The next episodes of the Virtual Zombie Penguin Apocalypse.

Image by Satheesh Sankaran from Pixabay

The Betrayal

“You fools! You fell right into my trap. Le Pingouin Noir has triumphed.”

The jammer vibrated, emitting a strange hum and sparks. The lights dimmed and the walls glowed a vibrant green.

“What’s happening? I grabbed Frankie’s arm.

“I don’t know. Wait.” He peered at the junction relay. “Oh no! Someone reversed the polarity! The jammer’s giving access to the VR matrix not disrupting it.” He stared at me. “That means…”

“Yes, we are working with Le Pingouin Noir.”

We turned to see the Frost Ninja Bear and the Thunder Penguin. Behind them, hoards of zombie penguins.

I screamed, “Run!”

The Nature of Evil

“I can’t believe the Weather Warriors turned evil.” Frankie wailed. “Are there no bastions of justice left?”

Huddled in a cramped utility closet, hiding from zombie penguins snapped my patience, and I hissed, “They’re bloody programs! They’re not real! Oswald probably altered their base code, you ninny.”

“I know, but… oh shit, what about the cows?”

I shivered. “Do you think Oswald got to them? If Doctor Quakenboss has turned evil again, we’re doomed.”

“I thought they were just programs?” Frankie smirked.

“Oh shut up. This is serious. We left the pets with the cows, remember?”

“Oh. The poor cows.”

What Happened to the Cows

The lights dimmed; Arabella, Jake, Winston, Fred, and Doctor Quakenboss heard a voice in their heads.

“Join me and rule the world. Join Le Pingouin Noir.”

Four of the cows mooed, their internal code shifting their allegiance, but Doctor Quakenboss growled, “That’s not cricket. Fluffy, old bean, please enact protocol 42.”

With a soft cackle, the guinea pig typed his little paws across a keyboard. Then he hit a small blue console button.

“It’s done. Mwahahaha!”

As the cows regained their free will, Doctor Quakenboss turned to Fluffy, “Should we be worried?”

“Nah, I just always wanted to do that.”

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